Relief Distributions

BMS is an open source, intuitive and user friendly system that manages Food and Cash distribution activities, automatizing all processes, including the provision of selective distribution lists for transferring money and goods in humanitarian relief scenarios.

The system is an easy to use, secure, mobile compatible web application that allows for easy beneficiary registration and management, cash transfer functionality, reporting tools and administrative functions. It is designed to support additional components, such as biometric registration, blockchain based ID, voucher system and much more.

M&E Systems

PIVOT delivers quality care for underserved populations, creates impact-driven health system changes and science innovations to advance health as a human right. After trying multiple data collection, storage and visualisation tools, they needed to be able to analyse all their data scattered in countless databases as well as conducting cross-analyses with local health authority data.

We developed a comprehensive M&E solution including mobile data collection, data analysis, mapping and visualisation. We used KoBoToolbox for collection, MySQL for storage and powerful Python scripts for analysis of the data. To visualise the data output we designed and developed a website.


Surge Management

A humanitarian response coordination system

During a crisis, selecting, alerting and deploying emergency response personnel is a highly complex and time consuming task.

Emalsys was designed to help organisations deploy the right people as quickly as possible in the right place, at the right time, and monitor the response in real time. It allows emergency managers to save precious hours in emergency coordination and deploy the best people into the field.

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Virtual Assistant

Relief Applications began an investigation into the use of voice and chat activated devices to see how easily they access information. Partnering with large humanitarian organizations allowed us to run a series of tests to find specific metrics from their ongoing humanitarian projects.

Using Amazon Alexa, we created specific instructions to allow the user to ask for information using virtual assistants. These tools can be accessed via almost any media via Chat (Whatsapp, Skype, Messenger, etc) and voice (Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant, Siri, etc.) We believe they have the potential to transform information management in the humanitarian system. Please contact us for more information.