Our Mission

Our Story

During an emergency response operation in the Philippines (Hurricane Haiyan), Raphael and Arturo met and started discussing how technology would help them in their missions. Passionate about innovation and committed to help people in need, they created Relief Applications on their way back to Europe.
Today, the mission of Relief Applications is to bring innovative solutions to the people that fight to alleviate poverty around the world!


Bringing Innovation to People Changing the World
We design simple yet efficient IT solutions aimed at increasing the impact of humanitarian assistance and contribute to alleviate human suffering in times of crisis.


"We dedicate our work to help people in need by bringing tech tools to International Development and Humanitarian world, enabling them to fill the technological gap."

"We come together as a community of experienced developers, academics and humanitarian workers making humanitarian sector work better, faster, easier and cheaper through IT."


Expertise: We strive for tech excellence, continuously learning about new technologies and how to merge them in our products in a relevant way.

Dedication: We’re committed to helping our clients solve their challenges and optimise their success. We get to know your organisation, bring our creativity and expertise to the table and collaborate to ensure every product is on point and flawlessly executed.

Empathy: We are committed to making a difference in the world and indirectly helping the people in need.

Gratitude: We appreciate our very loyal clients, the strengths of our strategic partners and the talents of our team members. We value and respect the contributions made by all to our mutual success.