IT development

We build custom web based software and mobile applications for ( and ) to suit your business requirements.


We develop fully responsive websites using the latest technologies

example: Redhum

Redhum is a Humanitarian Platform in Spanish which offers real-time information from humanitarian actors in the Latin American and Caribbean regions.

We developed the website using Angular bringing information from several humanitarian APIs, Youtube, Twitter, etc.


We develop and mobile applications

example: ReliefWeb apps

Relief Web needed to enter the mobile application world and deliver content already present on its website to mobile users.

We developed three apps (RW Jobs, Crises and Headlines) for Android and iOS using Ionic, a cross-platform framework which allowed us to deploy several apps in a very short time. Today Jobs and Crises are amongst the highest-rated apps for the UN.

These apps were shortlisted for the Global Disaster Relief Summit and have been downloaded over 25,000 times.


We build platforms (web, mobile and databases)

example: IRIS MDM

To better deliver socio-sanitary and informative information to sex workers, M├ędicos del Mundo wanted to create a mobile application with content that could be modified in real time. They also needed a chat and a forum for social workers to efficiently engage with the beneficiaries through their devices.

We created a mobile application and a web interface for MdM social workers to manage the app content and moderate the forum and chat with the beneficiaries. Using Geolocation services, the app can also display the closest health services and allow direct access to contact and calls.


A humanitarian response coordination system

example: Emalsys

During a crisis, selecting, alerting and deploying emergency response personnel is a highly complex and time consuming task.

Emalsys was designed to help organisations deploy the right people as quickly as possible in the right place, at the right time, and monitor the response in real time. It allows emergency managers to save precious hours in emergency coordination and deploy the best people into the field.

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We create DASHBOARDS pulling your data from any source (database, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.)

example: HDX dashboards

Today, displaying data is crucial for humanitarian organisations. The web is a perfect place to do it but building a dashboard remains difficult and often costly.

HDX (Humanitarian Data Exchange) offers simple yet very efficient dashboarding tools for humanitarian organisations. We encourage the use HDX and assist organisations in developing powerful dashboards tailored to their needs.

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