Emergency Alert System

The race to get the right responders to the right place after a disaster has long been a challenge for humanitarian organisations. With our platform, members and managers can engage efficiently and respond quickly to an alert in the world.

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Your complete Emergency Alert System

Emalsys helps you to have the right people deployed as quickly as possible at the right place, and to monitor in real time the progresses of your response.

Visit us at https://emalsys.net

Roster Management

As a Member: create your profile with admin info, sectors of expertise, skills, languages etc… Access resources and documents and get contacted.
As a Manager: create as many rosters as you want and invite the relevant members. Search for profiles based on your needs (skills, languages, locations...), and communicate with your team via messages.

Alerts and Mobilisation

As a Member: when a disaster strikes, provide your organisation manager with your availability for deployment, receive mobilisation orders and access mission documents.
As a Manager: create an alert, localise your members on a map (with their authorisation), select the most suitable/relevant members, request availability and monitor responses in real time and mobilise your team by email, app notification or SMS.


As a Member: be deployed by your manager and access mission information and documentation.
As a Manager: view individual deployment planning and progress in real time and share documentation and logistics information.


As a Member: communicate instantly with the mission manager. Receive notifications on the website, the app and sms.
As a Manager: send group or private messages, get notified of any update regarding the mission, manage your notification settings.

Dashboard and disaster tracking

As a Member: view the Relief Web real time tracking of disasters worldwide to stay updated.
As a Manager: view the global ReliefWeb disaster tracking, a map with the location of your members (upon authorisation) and track the performance of your rosters and deployment activity.

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