Technical Studies

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Preliminary IFRC investigations of existing surge operations led to the conclusion that full scale review of their Global Surge systems was required to understand the differing methods and tools used. Relief Applications were tasked with an in depth review of Global Surge operations across all IFRC regions.

A Relief Applications team of IT experts and surge specialists carried out in-depth literature reviews, key informant interviews, online surveys and platform analyses. The team delivered a report defining surge operational requirements with a comparative analysis of available products and proposed several solutions for IFRC based upon costs, risk analysis and feasibility.

IFC Surge Study

Business Analysis


The ILO needed an organisation to conduct a business review of their existing Information Management Systems. Many of their systems were not meeting internal and external data requirements and many staff fed back that the IM process was tiring and cumbersome.

Relief Applications undertook a thorough strategic review of their systems, conducted Key Informant interviews and provided the ILO with a comprehensive report outlining the current situation within the organisation, a series of key recommendations for the next five year strategy and a detailed summary of innovative tools the ILO could implement in order to improve their existing IMS structure.

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Innovation and new technologies are, by definition, evolving very quickly and it is a challenge for organisations to keep up.

At Relief Applications we work every day with technology and can help your organisation staying informed and use the most suitable technology for your requirements. We have training modules on:

  • Cash Transfer Programs
  • KoBoToolbox and ODK
  • Blockchain in the humanitarian sector
  • Managing your data with HDX
  • and much more...

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