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Huffington Post

"Information gathering and making sense of a fast-paced humanitarian crisis can be challenging. This app provides key figures, access to latest reports and maps, real time financial status, as well as a comprehensive overview for each crisis. All of this is kept updated in real time . The app allows you to quickly compare different crises and gather the history of each event, so you can follow the evolution of a situation. Some recent examples: Haiti’s Hurricane Matthew and the crisis in Syria."

IMAS Prize Winners

First Place in the Social Innovation Awards 2018! This prize was issues by IMAS Mallorca, the Mallorcan Institute of Social Affairs, who are responsible for managing social esrvices, child protection and assistance resources.


"... a detailed, in-depth overview of the most pressing humanitarian crises with an assortment of curated articles and informative charts and infographics, displaying, for instance, the number of people in need and the number of people targeted for assistance."


"Those who are more interested in the status of humanitarian funding appeals meanwhile, or in accessing situational maps and infographics of a particular crisis might be more suited to download the RW Crises app."