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Our Story

During an emergency response operation in the Philippines (hurricane Haiyan), Raphael and Arturo met and started discussing how technology would help them in their missions. Passionate about innovation and committed to help people in need, they created Relief Applications on their way back to Europe.
Today, the mission of Relief Applications is to bring innovative solutions to the people that fight to alleviate poverty around the world!

Our team

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Raphael, FOUNDER and CEO

After 10 years working in the aeronautical sector, Raphael spent 12 years of his career coordinating Emergency Response missions and leading teams across the world for organisations such as the IFRC, WFP, French Red Cross, Medecins du Monde, or Action Against Hunger.

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Arturo is an experienced IT project manager who has worked for more than 14 years at Alcatel, a leading IT European company, until he decided to fully commit to his humanitarian action. He specialises in databases and information management, as well as high quality visualization tools. During his various missions on the field, Arturo also provided GIS and ODK expertise, and trained teams on the technical aspects of major projects.

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Federica, Business Development Officer

Young professional in disaster and emergency management, she has various years of experience both in public and nonprofit sectors. She previously worked for DG ECHO in Central Africa on projects aimed at accelerating response effectiveness to crisis. She volunteers for several humanitarian organisations and advocates for human rights.

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John, Senior Project Manager

John has worked as a project coordinator for a decade for leading non-profit organisations and the financial services sector. During a film making project on the refugee crisis in Sicily, he became convinced that he wanted to commit to the humanitarian sector. Since then he has created communications and training materials for the British Red Cross and Médecins Sans Frontières as part of the MissingMaps initiative as well as writing disaster preparedness reports for the British Red Cross.

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Alexandre, Android, iOS developer

Alexandre is a Data Science specialist with skills in design. He enjoys developing data visualization and user experience interfaces to make IT tools more accessible and useful. He previously used his set of skills at Air France to improve their communication materials.

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Louis, Back-end Developer

Trained at the french engineering school École Centrale de Lyon, he is passionate about Computing Science and Web technologies. He enjoys working on deployment solutions and managing servers. He also volunteered to administrate his school network and servers for student associations.

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Pauline, Front-end Developer

Pauline comes from the University of Technology of Troyes where she specialized in embedded systems. She is passionate in robotics, electronics and informatics. She volunteers as a first aid rescuer at the FFSS (Federation Française de Sauvetage et de Secourisme).

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Benoit, Front-end Developer

Benoit is from the engineering school École Centrale de Lyon where he specialized in Computer Science. He previously worked in the leading IT Company Klee Group as a Front-End Developer, and also commits to a humanitarian association for which he led work in education activities in Peru.

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Jean-Charles, Front-end Developer

Jean-Charles enjoys developing interfaces and new visual elements that users will love. Specialized in web developing, he was trained at the École Centrale de Nantes. Wanting to make the humanitarian work easier, he always wants to improve the user experience.

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Gauthier, Front-end Developer

French student at Ecole Centrale de Lyon, Gauthier is an enthusiastic developper who has the deep will to help people. Very sensitive to social and humanitarian actions, he led a solidarity project with children in Cambodia. He is also highly invested in the scout movement to educate young boys and girls.

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Anne-Sophie, Software and app tester

Anne-Sophie worked as a social-worker in France for 5 years, before she moved her passion to the international solidarity environment. Most of her working experience has been spent in emergency and post emergency contexts, mainly in the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.