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Who we are

Relief Applications provides innovative technological solutions to humanitarian organisations.

We act as a team of IT and humanitarian experts who believe that providing the right tools to the right people can make a difference.

Your complete emergency response solution

Emalsys helps you to have the right people deployed as quickly as possible at the right place, and to monitor in real time the progresses of your response

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What we do


Emalsys is a web-based platform that enables organisations manage their rosters, alerts and deployments in a fast and secured way. The Emalsys App keeps you connected anywhere, anytime.


We create apps based on the latest technologies for Android or iOS. You can perform tasks, access content (incl. videos and photos), manage your data, in a secured and user friendly way


Our team of IT and humanitarian experts will provide recommendations on the most relevant technologies that can help you in an always changing environment.

Where we work

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